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It wasn’t too long ago when people with specific disabilities and handicaps were bedridden and had no way to get around. Movement using manual wheelchairs or power wheelchairs can be either unsafe, impossible, or impractical to use for some patients. However, due to advancements in medical supplies and technology, those days are gone, thanks to the invention of specialty wheelchairs.

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What is a Specialty Wheelchair?

A specialty wheelchair is “specially” designed to accommodate anyone, regardless of their disability. These types of wheelchairs are made to be multi-purpose and fulfill specific functions depending on the user’s needs. They’re typically powered by electricity and have tilting, reclining, bariatric, and other features that make them safer to operate than traditional wheelchairs. 

Benefits of Specialty Wheelchairs

The main benefit of a specialty wheelchair is that it allows everyone to live a semi-normal life. Regardless of your handicap or disability, it can help you move around and perform necessary ADLs. They’re also safer, easier to navigate and offer more features than traditional wheelchairs.

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What is a Rehab Wheelchair?

A rehab wheelchair is a type of specialty wheelchair. As the name indicates, it’s a wheelchair perfectly suited to help those who are rehabbing or recovering from an injury or surgery.

How Does It Work?

Since injury-based rehab can reduce the strength needed to propel or maneuver a wheelchair, rehab wheelchairs are designed to be electrically powered. You can also maneuver, turn, and stop rehab wheelchairs by using an electronic control panel. This reduces the risk of injury and makes it easy for anyone, regardless of injury, to use a rehab wheelchair. 

What is a Custom Wheelchair?

Custom wheelchairs are wheelchairs that are customized and designed according to the specific needs of an individual. The chair gets built according to the height, weight, and disability of the person so that they can use and maneuver it comfortably and safely. Custom wheelchairs often include features like unique controls, special brakes, and special tires for use on multiple terrains.

How Does It Work?

Custom wheelchairs can operate either manually or electronically, depending on their user’s needs. They also improve people’s quality and way of life because they get built according to the needs of each individual.  

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