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Whether you’ve hurt your knee, ankle, or any part of your leg, we are here to help. Call our staff today to learn more about the walkers that we have to offer.

We’re the top medical supply store in El Paso and have been proudly serving our community for more than 50 years. Our only goal is to provide you with the right walker so that you can get around in life easier and worry-free. Featuring popular and accommodating walkers, such as the knee walker, the rollator walker, and the classic walker, our Wheelchair & Walker team will make sure we have the perfect design for you.

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Benefits of Walkers

If you need extra help with mobility but still have the ability to walk, walkers are the way to go. They’re a great option when your condition doesn’t require manual wheelchairs or power wheelchairs, but not safe enough to walk around without support. 

Here are a few other benefits of choosing El Paso rollatory walkers from Wheelchair & Walker Rentals Inc. 

  • Cheaper than scooter or wheelchairs
  • Perfect for weakness on one side
  • Ideal for recovering from an ankle or leg injury
  • Easier to pack in a vehicle than a wheelchair or scooter

Types of Walkers

No matter what type of mobility device you need, we’re the medical supply store to offer it. We have dozens of walkers to choose from and carry the following types of walkers.


Strong and durable, our classic walker selections are great for when you simply need a little extra assistance to get around. And if you’re looking for something easy to move and store away when not in use, they are lightweight, foldable, and easy to transport in vehicles. Classic walkers are also great for outdoor or indoor use.

Rollator Walkers

A rollator is great when you’re looking for an upgrade from the classic walker. Our rollators come with wheels, cushioned seats, hand brakes, and other safety and comfort features. With our basket attachment options, customers can store their medical or personal items inside for easy access. And with the seat attached, your rollator walker can provide a comfortable resting spot.

Rollator Walkers

If you recently suffered a foot, knee, or ankle injury or surgery or have another condition where you can’t put weight on one leg, knee walkers are the way to go. It allows you to maintain weight-bearing balance off your foot, knee, or ankle while making sure you are comfortable at all times. Knee walkers are best recommended as substitutes for crunches.

If you need something more advanced than a walker, you can also choose a scooter or wheelchair from our assortment of mobility devices.

Why Choose Us?

At Wheelchair & Walker Rentals Inc., we care about more than just making a hard sale. Our emphasis is on making sure that our customers get the help they need by choosing a walker that will improve their quality of life. 

From rollator to knee to classic walkers, our medical supply store has it for you to purchase immediately! If that means recommending a cheaper walker over a more expensive one, that’s exactly what we’ll do. And if you need a fast and hassle-free repair, our staff can do it for you so you’re not left waiting for help.

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If you’re in need of a walker or any other medical equipment, Wheelchair & Walker Rentals Inc. is the medical supply store for you. We’ve been an industry leader in El Paso and New Mexico for more than 50 years and offer a wide range of medical equipment for rent, purchase, or repair

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