The Essential Guide to Home Medical Equipment for Seniors

A person walking through their El Paso home with a walker.

Have you reached a point where you struggle to move around on your own? Do you feel as though you don’t have your independence anymore due to limited mobility? We will discuss different home medical equipment that can give you back that independence and keep you safe.

Wheelchair & Walker Rentals Inc., located in El Paso, works with physicians and care facilities to obtain state-of-the-art home medical equipment for our patients. From wheelchairs to lift scooters, we have anything our clients may need for their homes. If you’re interested in hearing about our inventory, give us a call at (915) 544-7144 or contact us online today!

Bringing Back Independence

For elderly citizens who live alone and live far from loved ones, it’s important to make sure that you are comfortable, safe, and mobile at home. Thankfully, we offer a variety of home medical equipment you can use that can help you move around the house more easily. Read below for a list of safe home medical equipment that can assist you around the house. 

  • Electric Chair Lift- This is great for anyone who would need assistance getting up off the ground. It’s very sturdy and is also waterproof. This home medical equipment doesn’t require a power source and only needs batteries. 
  • Bed Rail- This is perfect if you find it difficult to get up and out of bed in the mornings.  It has a comfortable yet firm grip and can fit on any bed size. No complex tools are required for installation. 
  • Toilet Safety Frame- If you need a supportive yet comfortable aid in your bathroom, this would be a good investment. You’ll be able to stand up more comfortably without having to sacrifice toilet space. It is extremely sturdy and can hold up to 300lbs.
  • Shower Handle Grab Bars- These can provide additional balance to those who slip easily in the shower. They are small yet stay firmly gripped to any flat surface and can do so without needing a drill. 
  • Bedside Commode Chair- If you find it difficult to travel to the bathroom in the middle of the night, then consider this piece of home medical equipment. It’s easy to carry and store. 

Home Medical Equipment in El Paso

If you need home medical equipment, then reach out to Wheelchair & Walker Rentals Inc., located in El Paso. Our company has grown to become the best local provider of home medical equipment. If you’re looking for quality, safe, and independence-giving products, call (915) 544-7144 today.